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About Riki


From a young age, I’ve had a passion for drawing and design. I danced professional classical ballet throughout my childhood and teenage years, and have great respect for the arts. Though I wanted to pursue design in college, I leaned on the career security of a degree in business and finance. But, after having worked along side my husband for 19 years managing the business books, I felt it was time to concentrate on my true passion. I started out focusing on furnishing and decor, but have expanded my horizons over the years to gain expertise in complete home remodeling, where I work with clients to design a home from scratch. In this process, I review architectural plans and work closely with my clients' contractors to ensure that their space is being built to be an exact reflection of what they imagined. From picking out hardwood floors to tiles and grout colors, I work down to the smallest detail to design a high end and captivating look.Taking my clients' stylistic taste and preferences into mind, I can create their dream space; whether it be designing a single room or an entire home.

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